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strategy-fusion - eLearning System and eLearning SoftwareStrategy Fusion is an innovative online system for eLearning post graduate level business management and applying that learning on an ongoing basis through a cloud based software tool.

Unique combination of eLearning with an applied software tool delivers greater learning and business outcomes in less time and money than existing online offers and will ultimately change the way that higher education – not just business education – is delivered online.

Traditional higher education and its centuries old model has many shortcomings that no longer meet the needs, expectations or pressures of today’s students. These shortcomings are now leading higher education into massive disruption, forcing higher executives, business owners and education providers to look for innovative alternatives.

Accordingly, we looked at how online delivery of education and technology could be fully utilised used to address those shortcomings and enable a much wider range of students access to superior learning outcomes and developed Strategy Fusion. Strategy Fusion has a series unique features (many of the key features are patented and not present in existing online offers) to change the way that higher education students learn and apply learning.

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