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Applied Business Education and Systems


Strategy Fusion

Strategy Fusion is an innovative online system for learning and applying a comprehensive curriculum in post graduate level business management. The unique combination of an eLearning and a could based software tool ongoing application of learning delivers greater learning and business outcomes to executives and enetreprenurs in less time and money than existing online offers and represents a significant step change in the way that higher education is delivered online.

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Biz Plan Insight

Biz Plan Insight combines highly interactive businesses planning software with manuals, videos and other resources to enable business owners to develop comprehensive business plan in a fraction of the time and cost compared to traditional business planning tools. The team at Biz Plan Insight can also build a business plan for you for very low cost.

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Business Training & Advisory

Business Training & Advisory

Trackermap can provide users of it’s products with face to face training or provide business advisory services tailored to help your business needs.

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